Save More, Invest Better and Grow Your Networth!

India's 1st Behavioural Financial Wellness Program !

imoneyplant Grow Your Networth (GYN) Program

  • India's 1st Behavioural Financial Wellness Program !
  • An innovative one year program offered to participants to help them enhance their financial wellness and assist them in lasting wealth creation.
  • This will be done through Face to face workshops, ‘Wellness Days’, Intuitive Financial Planning App, Online help and support, Simulated learning, Financial magazine etc.
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Financial Wellness Workshops

  • 2hr workshop useful for life time         
  • Money Management skill is one of the most important life skills for fall individuals
  • More than 20000 participants have attended this program since 2012 and rated the program as extremely useful
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Simulated Learning Experience

  • Is it possible to learn swimming, cycling, driving by watching Youtube lessons?
  • Similarly Money management skill can be learnt only through experience, but by the time we gain experience, it’s too late
  • Simulated Learning approach to acquire Money management skills in less than 15 days
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DIY Financial Planner & Magazines

  • Financial Planning is not a difficult subject, everyone can do it by themselves
  • DIY Financial Planner helps individuals to learn, plan, track and manage their finances in a systematic and professional manner
  • Monthly magazines provide updates to review and course correct the plan
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Your Financial Advisor - In your pocket!

We have developed a proprietary mobile app which helps you

  • increase your savings by taking prompt investment decisions
  • manage investment risks better by recommending financial products suited to your current financial position and risk profile
  • prevent procrastination and make you 'implement' your investment actions by providing constant reminders and alerts

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